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Previous Speakers and Workshops

February 2008 Talk by Jenny Rayment

February 2009 Talk by Wendy Rowcroft “Working with Recycled Textiles”

May 2009 Workshop Jenny Rayment “Sodoku with Texture”

November 2009 Talk by Lynette Harris “Antique and Sampler Quilts”

April 2010 Workshop Sylvia Critcher “3D Quilting, Stuffed and Corded Techniques”

July 2010 Workshop Mandy Shaw

February 2011 Workshop Louise Mabbs “Sea Breezes”

April 2011 Workshop Helen Deighan “Braiding Workshop”

August 2011 Workshop Carolyn Forster “Easy Star Quilt”

November 2012 Talk by Maxine March “Red Cross Quilts”

November 2013 Talk by Wendy Dolan “Creative Stitched Textiles”

March 2014 Talk by Eva Thomas “From Stockholm to Sussex, a Quilters’s Journey”

April 2014 Workshop Amanda Duke “Introduction to the Art of Paper Cutting”

July 2014 Workshop Paula Doyle “Itsy Bits and Wonky Strips” Crazy Patchwork

September 2014 Talk by Liz Betts “The Role of Liberty in the post 1960’s Quilt Revival”

October 2014 Talk by Sandra Grusd “Cut, Stick, Print”

April 2015 Workshop Wendy Dolan “Layered Landscapes”

July 2015 Workshop Jacquie Gale “Trapunto”

February 2016 Workshop Catherine Lawes “Textiles Unfurled”

March 2016 Talk by Rosemary McIntosh from Fine Cell Work, “A Stitch in Time”

April 2016  Talk by Julia Gahagan – Miniature Quilts

May 2016  Workshop Chris Dobson – Hawaiian Quilting

September 2016 Workshop Catherine Lawes – Fat Quarter Frenzy Quilt

October 2016 Workshop Julia Gahagan – Miniature Quilt 

July 2017 Workshop Sue Rhodes – Contemporary Cushion using Thermofax printing

September 2017  Workshop with Miriam Edwards – Felted Penny Rugs

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